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Managed VPS

Managed VPS Hosting


Looking for a dedicated group to manage, design and implement your architecture, but on a budget? Perhaps our managed VPS services are right for you! We provide the exact same service catalog as our managed dedicated services, except on a virtual platform. Everything from failover, load balancing, data and database replication, monitoring/alerting, trending and graphing are fair game. Growing your business at a scale that is affordable, reliable and scalable are things that we are passionate about.

Managed AWS

Managed AWS


We offer fully managed Amazon Web Services (AWS). We will architect your solution from end-to-end and implement our own automated monitoring, backup, snapshot scaling technology. All built on top of the award winning Amazon cloud platform. Scaling, automation, geographic redundancy, disaster planning and capacity planning are all aspects that we take into consideration during expansion, transitioning or leveraging the Amazon Cloud Infrastructure.

Managed Dedicated

Managed Hosting Services


With Stardot's Fully Managed Infrastructure services we offer complete end-to-end management of your mission-critical IT environment. We provide data retention, IPS, Load balancing, Database clustering among many more offerings from our service catalog. Star Dot Hosting is a leading provider of managed hosting services in Canada for American and Canadian clients. We work with you to develop your mission critical strategies and ensure all of your requirements are met.

99.9% Uptime

Star Dot Hosting offers 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Star Dot Hosting will provide a minimum 99.99% uninterrupted access to your web site, email, VPS and other related services. Should your services become unavailable for a cumulative period beyond the allowed 0.01% in any month of service, the client will receive a credit equivalent to 5% of the client's pro-rated recurring monthly fees for that month and then an additional 5% for every additional 15 minutes the web site and/or other related services are unavailable.