Managed Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed 24x7x365 Our Managed Dedicated Server hosting service catalog is designed to offload the responsibility of hiring a systems administrator to manage your systems. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in a wide assortment of high availability dependent industries including financial, health, news and more!
Integrated Reporting and Alerting Growth planning and trending can be tough. We offer an integrated SNMP based graphing system to track all aspects of your dedicated hardware : traffic, hard disks, cpu load, database reads/writes, web server statistics and many more metrics. Synthetic monitoring from multiple geographic end-points give a full picture when ensuring your critical web property is not only up, but responding in a reasonable amount of time and rendering the page to your own parameters.
Dedicated Firewall and IPS With ALL of our managed dedicated hosting packages, we offer dedicated firewall and intrusion prevention devices. We utilize dedicated high availability security and firewall protection devices on the edge of your network. This service is fully managed by us to give you the reassurance that all traffic is stringently monitored and blocked appropriately.
Offsite Secure Backups We offer offsite secure backup services to all our managed dedicated hosting clients. This can be arranged for an extra fee.
Proactive maintenance and Support Support is offered 24x7x365 through our ticketing system. Proactive maintenance, configuration, installation and administration is offered for all of our managed dedicated hosting packages. We also can assist in migrating all of your web properties to our systems as part of your transition strategy. Our support ticket response time is consistently fast and highly reliable.
99.99% Uptime SLA Through our managed hosting service agreement we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee with an crediting system in the unlikely event of downtime, as well as hardware replacement guarantees.

With Stardot’s Fully Managed Infrastructure services we offer complete end-to-end management of your mission-critical IT environment. We provide data retention, IPS, Load balancing, Database clustering among many more offerings from our service catalog.

Star Dot Hosting is a leading provider of managed hosting services in Canada for American and Canadian clients. We work with you to develop your mission critical strategies and ensure all of your requirements are met.

Our network is designed to provide you with the fastest and most reliable connections possible. Our routing policy is designed to choose the highest quality and fastest connection to any destination, not simply the network that offers the cheapest rates. We connect our network to as many other networks as possible. The closer you are to other networks, the faster and more reliable your service will be.

Between our peering and transit relationships, we are directly connected to every major cable company and telecommunications company across Canada.

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